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We here in Blackwater Host Stays welcome students from all over the world to stay for periods of time from one month to a full school year with one of our specially chosen host families. We purposely operate with small numbers and by doing this, it allows us to offer a high level of service and attention to each and everyone of our students. This also gives you as parents peace of mind that we know each and everyone of our students who come to stay with us and they are not just a number.

We give you and your child the very best value for money.  We have worked alongside other companies in the past and we feel that the child is forgotten about due to huge numbers and profit takes over, this is something that will not happen in this company.

We have many years of experience of dealing with students, from being from families who have grown up with alongside exchange students to where we have hosted students ourselves.

We offer placements in both public & private schools, co-ed schools and all girls or all boys schools throughout Ireland.

What makes us different from other companies?

We are a family run business which caters for children ranging from 11-17 years of age,  providing a secure and safe environment for your children during their stay with us.

We offer daily English lessons for all students and other activities for the duration that your child stay with us, ensuring that they are kept busy for their stay (the list of these activities will be provided on reest).

Our company will cater for all interest and request were possible.
We are garda vetted (background searches and so to are all our families)

Blackwater guarantees the best care for your child because we operate with a small circle all of whom are personally known to all of us, this allow us to be fully aware of your child needs and welfare at all times. As we operate on a small scale we are very selective about who is allowed to be on our programs so you can be assured that only the best will be with your child. 

We forge and maintain lasting relationships with our students many of them and their families have come back to visit us on many occasions we speak to them on weekly basis and sometimes daily basis  These students become our extended family who is growing every year and that tells us we must be doing something right. 

Something that makes very unique also, is that we do not discriminate on gender or physical disabilities. We welcome students who would be considered to have special needs, and we are extremely proud of our specially trained families and also our Special Needs Assistant (SNA), the SNA will accompany our students on a daily basis to and from school and assist them in whatever way that maybe needed during the school day. This is a very unique service and something that we are very proud of.

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