Who is BLackwater Host Stays?

EIP- Blackwater Host Stays is a family run business operating in Co. Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

Co-founder Paudy and his team have many years experience dealing in the youth sector, the business sector and education sector.

We are proud of our attention to detail that enables our students have the best experience possible. For example, We will not accept an Intern student without having the correct placement for them, we operate on quality not quantity. We cater for students in many different sectors, the full list can be seen on our Internship tab.

Another huge advantage in coming to Ireland is our continued membership of the EU, no visa’s or travel restrictions for our EU neighbors and also there is no currency difference as Ireland also operates with the Euro €

From unspoiled landscape and dramatic coastline to buzzing cities with warm welcomes, Ireland has something for every type of visitor. With festivals celebrating literature, food, families and music, as well as surfing the waves, walking the coastline, or travelling back in time in a museum or ancient fort, Ireland’s magic and wild beauty never fail to surprise and delight clients.

You’re welcome” is something you hear everywhere you go in Ireland.  It’s hard to explain the warmth of Ireland to clients who haven’t yet visited, but its promise certainly entices them to experience it for themselves.  With many clients craving an ever-more individual travel experience, it is the generosity of spirit and good humor of the Irish that provides it.

Our natural warmth makes Ireland an unforgettable destination. 

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